For The Parents

1) Parents are expected to visit their wards only on Sundays and on all others institutional holidays between 12.00 noon and 5.00 p.m. with permission from warden or principal.

2) However an exception will be made in the case of such parents who have genuine reasons. Depending upon the merits of each case, parents will be permitted to visit their wards in the campus even on days other than these specified above. Such matters will be left to the discretion of the Principal and the Principal’s decision will be final.

3) Parents and only such visitors, whose names are mentioned in the visitors card, will be allowed to enter the campus and visit the ward.

4) Identification cards are issued to students. Students should always keep the identity cards with them for the purpose of verification. Parents and guardians during their visit to the campus should show the identity cards to the security/warden/principal. To enter into the campus, parents are requested to show their own identity cards.

5) Fees, once paid will not be returned under any circumstances (No exceptions).

6) Parents may take their wards out for a brief period, for genuine health reasons obtaining permission from the principal. On return medical certificate is required.

7) Parents should see to it that their wards report promptly to the campus after the vacation/granted leave.

8) Parents are requested to know about the performance and behaviour of their wards atleast twice a month by post or telephone.

9) Parents are to obtain a leave permission before taking their wards out of the campus for any reason.

10) Parents are requested to have a continuous correspondence with the college. In case of any changes in address and telephone numbers.

11) Clarifications / complaints of any kind may be sought/lodged with the principal.

12) Hostel students should deposit Rs. 1000/- towards CD (caution deposit) at the time of first instalment, and to be returned only at the time of TC & CC.

13) Requests through SMS and telephone messages to send a student home, will not be entertained depending upon urgency of the information, the institution shall ring up to parent to find out the truth or allow the student to speak.

14) Parents are requested not to leave with their wards any valuable items in the form of money or ornaments/cellular phones / pagers / Mobile Phones or any other costly entertainment items.

15) Parents are requested not to entertain other students requests for posting of letters, and communicating information etc.