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Our Founder

Late Apostle Dr. P. J. Titus & Mrs. Mary Titus

Twenty years after living in USA, in 1981, enlightened with a divine vision to serve the needy in India, Dr. P. J. & Mary Titus returned to their mother country, leaving all their comforts in the USA, with hearts full of burden to bless and be blessed.They set up their ministry 'COTR COLLEGE OF MINISTRIES' in a small place called Dorathota, 23 KM away from Visakhapatnam city and 5 Km. close to Bheemunipatnam.
Apostle Dr. P. J. Titus was a Theologian, Missionary Educator, and world renewed Catalyst for change. He was also the founder of COTR College of Ministries, Nava Jeevan Public School, Nava Jeevan Christian Junior College, New Testament Church of India, Jyothi Hospital, and many such humanitarian organizations, like orphanages, computer education for destitute women. The vision is growing under God's mighty powerful guidance.
"Never underestimate the power of a child of God
Who knows what that child would become"
– Dr. P. J.Titus.