Rules & Regulations

1) Students shall wear uniform at all class times. They should observe restraint and ensure decorum in their dress habits. Students found violating the above will be dealt with accordingly.

2) Frequent late coming and irregularity in attending classes shall not be tolerated. Such students shall be sent out of the college or disciplinary action will be taken. Attendence will be submitted to R.I.O.

3) Stationery for Quarterly/Half-yearly and Pre-final Examinations will be supplied to the students by the college. Students have to make their own arrangements for weekly tests and assignments.

4) Despite strong security, if any student leaves the campus without informing campus administration, the institution shall not bear any responsibility. In such cases the student and the parents shall have sole responsibility and legal liability for the same. Activities of the students outside the campus, have no legal binding on the institution. Such students shall not be allowed to continue and TC shall be issued to them forthwith.

5) No student, under any circumstances, shall be called out of the class-room, when the class/study hour is in progress, for communicating messages or for meeting any visitor from their home, without principal’s approval.

6) Students are not permitted to stick any posters/cutout/ cartoons and tatoos / phonographic magazines, scribbling on wall etc. in their Hostel or at College premises.

7) Students are strictly prohibited from cigarette smoking / alcohol / and other related officer in College campus or in hostel. If found, that student will be dismissed.

8) Students should-keep College & Hostel premises clean and tidy.

9) Students leaving the campus, have to take a leave permission from the campus administration. No one is allowed out of the campus on any ground, without a leave permission.

10) Students, who cause damage to the college property or properties of other students will be put on disciplinary action, with fine or cost of damage.

11) Students will have to report, on the date and at the time fixed, after the expiry of the vacation or permitted period. Defaulters, in such cases will have to meet the principal, along with the parents. A fine will also be assessed to the sutdent who is absent on that day.

12) No student should absent himself / herself from the College Test / Examination on any pretext, without obtaining prior permission from the principal.

13) Any student, misbehaving towards – Co-student, Wardens / Lecturers or using harsh language, disturbing others studies is liable for disciplinary action at the discretion of the management.

14) Since the students are from multi states, multi religions, and multi culture, a common language is to be used and it is English. Please be considerate of other cultures and people groups.

15) Valuable goods like Gold ornaments / Tape Recorder / Mobile Phones / CD-Player / Sound Players / Television and any other such items are strictly prohibited. If there is any damage or loss in such articles college / hostel is not responsible.

16) Once attendance is taken he/she should remain in the college premises for the whole day. During the college time he/she will not be permitted to go out of the college. If found action to be taken.

17) According to the time and circumstances new rules can be implemented by warden / college administration. Students are subject to obey.

18) Students will not be allowed to leave the Hostel premises without prior permission. They can leave only on signing the Check-In/Out Register, after obtaining permission from Hostel Warden or Prinicpal.